Harrogate’s Top 3 Pizza Takeaway Joints That are Out of This World

If you are going to spend some money on pizza, then you may as well make sure that you get the best tasting ones out there today. Well, that may be easier said than done on towns that have a lot of pizza takeaway joints. Harrogate is definitely one of those places, and that is why it won’t be surprising to find people out there that have a hard time deciding which joint to order pizza from. 

For those of you that want to have an easier time deciding which pizza takeaway joints in Harrogate they should go for, then you are in for a treat. For a few years now, I have been a frequent pizza takeaway customer, and have pretty much figured out which of the joints in town can really deliver the best pizzas you will ever sink your teeth in. So with that being said, below are what I consider as the top three pizza takeaway joints in Harrogate that are out of this world.  


Pizza Parada

Pizza ParadaPizza Parada is a very popular takeaway joint here in the town of Harrogate, and many people will here will easily consider it as one of the best. They always provide the top quality pizzas and that’s because they use fresh ingredients, and also cook them in a wood stone oven. This pizza joint offers a create-your-own pizza option for their customers, and that is something that many pizza lovers always like to see. With affordable prices, superb pizza flavours, and excellent takeaway services, this is a pizza joint that you can never go wrong with. 


Chico’s The Legend

Chico’s The LegendAnother outstanding pizza takeaway joint that you should keep in mind here in Harrogate, is Chico’s The Legend. This joint has been around of more than twenty years, and throughout that time, have always kept their customers happy. Being a family run business, Chico’s really puts a lot of effort in maintaining quality pizza, and takeaway services for their customers. All of their pizzas are freshly made, and they always use fresh ingredients too. 


Pizza Express

Pizza Express is a very familiar name in the pizza industry, and that’s because it is one of the bigger pizza chains in the country. As with any other big pizza franchise, Pizza Express is a time tested option when it comes to consistent tasting quality pizzas, and takeaway services of course. For people that prefer to order from tested popular pizza franchises, then there really isn’t much to say, go for Pizza Express. It has proven itself already as a giant in the pizza industry, especially when it comes to serving customers with great tasting pizzas and delivering them quickly.

Pizza Express

Overall, you can never go wrong with the three pizza takeaway joints mentioned above. All of them serve really excellent, and great tasting pizzas. I personally tend to just cycle ordering pizzas from these three joints whenever I get home from my Harrogate student removals job. They simply never disappoint me when it comes to the quality, and tasty pizzas that I crave after a hard day’s work. 

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