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Our service has been in operation since 1967, meaning we have over 50 years of experience providing removals services in Harrogate and the surrounding area. Over that time, we have assisted countless customers with removals of all shapes and sizes. We’ve truly seen it all, and as a result we’ve developed expert strategies to handle any kind of removal. There are so many advantages to hiring a team of removals experts to handle your house or office relocation. You not only benefit from the use of our vehicles; you also benefit from our skills, knowledge and experience. Crucial to the success of our operation is our affordability and efficiency; it’s our pleasure to provide a comprehensive and convenient removals service at a reasonable cost. Our customers seem to appreciate this!


The process of a successful removal must be planned to perfection. We are happy to help you prioritise the elements of your move so it goes smoothly. We will remind you of those little details that are easily overlooked, so you can get settled in your new location with minimum stress and inconvenience. You won’t find a friendlier or more professional team than ours! We take pride in exceeding expectations when it comes to customer service, which is why we have such a positive reputation in Harrogate and beyond. Our removals team is reliable, responsible and ready to help! We understand what customers need from their Harrogate removals service, and we deliver it on a consistent basis. That’s what makes us the popular choice in the local area!


One of our most requested services is the full house removals service. Let’s face it – nobody wants to face that task alone! Moving everything you own from one place to another can feel like an impossible task. We are here to reassure you that, with the help of our experienced staff members, it’s entirely manageable. The most important aspect is the planning and preparation. Having facilitated so many full house removals in our 50 years of business, we know exactly what works. We will assist you every step of the way, and you won’t believe how much easier your full house removal is when you have the team there to help and their knowledge and experience at your disposal!


Some people think removals are as simple as moving items; however, there is a lot more to it than that. Anyone who has attempted an office removal independently can testify to that! We are proud to offer a comprehensive Harrogate office removals service which makes it oh-so easy for your company to move premises. Naturally our customers are concerned with disruptions to normal business operations during an office removal. We can advise and strategize to minimise this disruption as much as possible. It makes perfect business sense to hire us to perform your office removals. We offer a cost-effective solution to the complexities of office relocation, so contact us today to discuss how we can best facilitate your transition to new premises. We’ll be delighted to detail your available options and strategize with you.


Office and home removals are not all we offer. Did you know that we also have a team of trained professionals ready to perform safe and careful piano removals? Moving a piano is a specialist task that requires knowledge and experience. Attempting it independently risks damaging this delicate instrument. If you need piano removals in the Harrogate area, call or email us today. We will transport your instrument with the utmost care. We also offer a student removals service for those who are moving to study, so don’t hesitate to contact us today for a quotation. We can make student removals incredibly easy thanks to our friendly and professional team who show the utmost dedication to every job they undertake.


Whatever your removals needs are, we’re sure that we can help. Call today and we will be happy to discuss how we can tailor our service to you. Given our decades of experience and extensive knowledge of removals, Pro Removals Harrogate is the team to trust.

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