A Local’s Thoughts on the Best Three Dessert Shops in Harrogate

I am pretty sure that there are many of us here in Harrogate that often find themselves craving for some tasty desserts. Be it ice creams, or simple cakes that go well with some quality tea, there is no deny the fact that many of us love to have good tasting desserts from time to time. Throughout the years, I personally wanted to find the best dessert shops that this town has to offer. 

For quite some time now, I have invested a decent amount of time and effort in pursuit of such a goal, and found myself quite happy with what I found. So, if you are someone that wants some ideas on where to find the best desserts in town, then I will be very happy to help you out. With that said, below are what I believe are the best three dessert shops in Harrogate, and some of my thoughts for each one of them. 



Vanilli’sBe it indoor or outdoor seating, or even takeaway services, Vanilli’s is an excellent place to get some great value ice creams and gelatos. This place is really memorable for me because the owner is a person that is very passionate about gelatos and ice creams. As a matter of fact, he is so passionate that he even takes the time to walk you through the many flavours that his store has to offer. At the end of the day, this place is a must visit and probably the best destination for people that want top quality, and delicious ice creams and gelatos in Harrogate. 


Crepes & Creams

Crepes & CreamsFor those that are looking for amazing crepes, then Crepes & Creams will be the best place for you to visit. There are plenty of options when it comes to their crepes, and each of them are well-made, and very nicely presented. That said, even if this place specialises in serving crepes, they also offer a wide range of delicious desserts. With a very friendly staff, this is another amazing place for dessert lovers to simply unwind and indulge in the world of sweets. 


Jenny’s Tea Shop

Jenny’s Tea Shop is a place that me and my boss at my student removals Harrogate job, consider as a hidden gem. This place is a little tucked away, and that is why most people aren’t aware of it for quite some time. Today though, it has become quite popular, and that is not surprising at all given the quality desserts that they serve here. If you are someone that is looking to enjoy superb quality desserts during tea time, then this place will surely be a haven for you. A very cosy place with friendly and accommodating staff, highly recommended dessert shop that you should try. 

Jenny’s Tea Shop

These are all my thoughts on the three best dessert shops in Harrogate. I do hope that they can help you out during your search for quality desserts starting today. Do give these three shops a visit, and I can guarantee that you will never regret it at all, and that you will walk out of them with such a big smile on your face. 

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