What to Do Before The Harrogate Removals Company Arrives

When you hire an experienced team like Pro Harrogate Removals, you’re guaranteed a comprehensive service that makes moving day easy. Did you know that there are also some simple steps you can take to make our work even better? Follow these steps before we arrive and we’ll be perfectly positioned to handle your Harrogate removal.

1. Make a plan for children and dogs.

Who doesn’t love kids and animals? They’re not always the easiest to work with, however. On moving day, it’s best to keep them elsewhere. This is for their own safety as well as our convenience.

Naturally, we’re extremely careful around children and pets! If they’re in a safe location, we’ll feel more confident to perform our work as efficiently as possible. We won’t waste time worrying about their location!

2. Thoroughly clean your property.

This is generally considered fundamental to the moving process: when you leave a place, you leave it clean for the next occupant. It also helps us in our work.

If floors are slippy or sticky or the atmosphere is extremely dusty, this makes for an unpleasant and unsafe work environment. If the place is clean and tidy, it’s easier for us to operate in.

3. Label your items.

While you pack, take the time to clearly label all boxes so we know exactly what is inside. This will help us as we pack the van. We have a strategy for loading the van based on the weight and fragility of your possessions, and a label makes the process of prioritising much easier.

You might even want to write FRAGILE on boxes that contain especially delicate items. We really appreciate this information. It will also help you unpack at the other side!

4. Confirm details with your movers.

If your moving company is as efficient and organised as Pro Removals Harrogate, you’ll have nothing to worry about! However, it can bring peace of mind to call the movers in advance just to clarify their arrival time and the amount of money owed.

Make sure you have marked moving day correctly in your calendar, too. The last thing you want is a mix-up that means you’re without movers when you need them!

5. Disconnect your appliances.

Some movers offer this as an additional service, but it has to be agreed upon in advance. Otherwise, removals companies will expect your appliances to already be disconnected. You can avoid delays on moving day by handling this before we arrive. The most tricky ones tend to be those with water connections, such as washing machines. 

6. Pack an “open first” box.

This box is for the supplies you’ll need immediate access to. Think phone chargers, toilet paper, soap, and important paperwork. Packing this before we arrive will make it much easier for you at the other side. You’ll have those bare essentials to keep you going while you unpack the rest. At Pro Removals Harrogate, we highly recommend this to our customers!

Together, customers and moving companies can make moving day smooth and straightforward. All it takes is a little smart thinking.

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