How to Pack a Removals Truck, According to Pro Removals Experts in Harrogate

When it comes to moving, we’d always recommend hiring an expert service. Heavy lifting can be dangerous, and if it results in property damage then it becomes expensive too! However, if you’re absolutely dead set on doing it yourself, read on for our tips on safely packing a removals truck.

First, we’d recommend protecting your items by using tarp to line the inside of the truck. Blankets can also be used, and they provide an extra buffer against any vibrations that could otherwise damage delicate items.

As you load each item, secure it in place using a strap. Attach items to one another so they don’t slip or slide during the journey. Everything should be held together tightly to ensure minimum disruption. Investing in straps may seem like an unnecessary expense, but they’ll make moving day so much easier. They’ll significantly reduce the likelihood of property damage.

Put the heaviest items in the bottom, and keep them in the middle where possible. Stack lighter items on top. For delicate items, use padding and insulate them. You could use towels, bedding, or even clothes for this purpose, although moving pads are also available on the market, and they’re specifically designed for this process.

Packing is almost like a game of Tetris; you have to maximise the space available. When it comes to sequence, load the heaviest and bulkiest items first. That means furniture should be prioritised. Think about it: if you start with small items, you’ll never find room for the big ones!

Consider the dimensions of the truck. It may make sense to use the longest sides to position sofas and mattresses. The shorter sides (like the one against the driving space) can be used to support square pieces like nightstands. 

Use your soft items like your mattresses to protect flat, delicate items like mirrors and televisions. Make sure they’re secured safely in place, though! If they’re moving a little before the truck starts its journey, they’ll move a lot during transit. The last thing you want is to arrive to your new place and have to unpack broken items.

When you’re packing items like tables, chairs, and desks, make the most of the space underneath them. You might secure a box in place between the furniture legs. The heavier the better — these will help hold your pieces in place too!

Think about how you plan to unpack at the other side. Which items will you need access to first? These are the ones you should pack last. A little strategic planning at your old place will make moving so much easier at the new place.

Avoid packing small, loose items. Instead, group them together and pack them in boxes. This will offer them more protection and it will make it easier to stack your items, saving space.

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