How to Find Cheap Harrogate Removals Services Near Me

If you’re planning a move, one of your first priorities has to be finding the right removals company. For most people, the cost is an important consideration. You might have already tried googling “cheap removals companies near me,” but it’s difficult to refine the results. So many companies make bold claims — not all of them deliver! As an experienced and affordable removals firm operating in the Harrogate area, Pro Harrogate Removals offers the following advice to those seeking cheap removals services:

1. Ask around for recommendations.

Many of our customers find us through recommendations from friends and family. Word-of-mouth referrals are so reliable because they come from people that we trust. If you know someone who moved recently, why not ask who performed their removal for them?

You can ask whether they’d honestly suggest you hire them too or whether they had any criticisms of the service. This is one great way to develop a shortlist of potential removal companies operating in the local Harrogate area.

2. Check out online reviews.

What about if you don’t have any local connections? You could always check out what is being said online about local removals companies. Find ones who have been in operation for a long time. Experience is a positive sign because terrible service doesn’t attract repeat customers.

If you’re a member of local Facebook groups, you could always post there and ask if anyone knows a quality Harrogate removals firm. We’re sure Pro Removals Harrogate will be one of the first suggested! We have an excellent reputation based on our record of consistently great service.

3. Ask for a quote.

Based on your network recommendations and online reviews, you should now have a shortlist of companies to choose from. The next step is to contact each of them and ask for a quotation. Don’t worry; removals companies are used to providing quotations to interested people. There’s no obligation to book just because you asked for a quote!

How each company handles your initial enquiry is a good indication of the level of customer service they’ll provide throughout the process. If a company is rude or inattentive, simply strike them from your list! Following your gut instincts isn’t a bad idea if a company gives you a bad first impression.

4. Make a comparison.

You now have a list of quotations from all the companies that appealed to you in the Harrogate area. It’s time to compare them. Don’t just look at price; look at what the service includes too.

At Pro Removals Harrogate, we always tell people that a bargain is only a bargain when the service is high quality. Any payment made for poor service, no matter how low it was, will feel like a ripoff!

Based on all the information you’ve gathered, it should be easy to find an affordable removals service. If your first choice isn’t available on moving day, your second or third choice should be! Remember, in Harrogate, Pro Removals Harrogate is an established removals firm with a loyal customer base.

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